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Posted a new game - Knighting!

Posted by Ghoulers777 - 1 month ago

So guys, i've finally finished this Knight game i've been talking about for a while now. for those of you who didn't know about this game, it's basically an endless arcade knight fighting game featuring, guns, swords, "Aesthetic scenery" and good music by the very talented @DoctaBGL (Also known as Sro)

Click here if you wanna check it out, keep in mind though, it's apparently "Hard" according to the people who tested it.

Have a good day everyone!

UPDATE : The game got frontpaged! thank you guys so much for the support!


Music as usual :


Comments (8)

I don't hear any music on the game.

Wait... what? You're supposed to hear music and sounds when you start the game. maybe try reloading the page or clearing your cache?

The sound effects work. The first time I played it, I unknowingly had it too loud and the attacks startled the dogs. I just don't hear music, and reloading it doesn't do anything to change that. Still, it's nice little game. Is there a way to actually prevent myself from taking damage at all or does the shield only cause me to take less damage?

That's weird... i just tested it and it worked just fine. sorry about the dogs btw. :(
Also, nah, the shield doesn't do anything. it's just something you can throw at your enemies. also, you can't really stop taking damage at all, but you can try not to get too close to the enemies. i programmed them so that they need to be "pretty close" in order to hit you, but you don't and can hit them without being hit back if you maintain your distance.

Music does work for me. Maybe a browser thing? Using FireFox.

Otherwise just wanted to say thanks for that strategy advice, once you start staying away it's suddenly a whole different thing. :D Time to actually start collecting a little too. Shame them medals didn't work. It's HTML5 I guess? Seems there should be a way then but: no experience. Either way good stuff.

It's definitely a browser thing since i've used Chrome and the music worked. i think it's because the resources didn't load properly or something.

No problem, man! also yeah, that's a real shame... i had some interesting medal ideas for this game... also yeah, it's HTML5 and i think the NG API is available in JS, only problem is, i'm not sure how to implement the NG API/Medals in Game Maker Studio.

Aha, well then at least it works with both of those browsers.

Hmm did some digging, and found an extension for GM in particular. Maybe this could work? https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/games/1003065/preview

I think this should work, i'll definitely try using it in one of my future projects. good find!

Would be real cool if you expanded upon the game from the feedback. I could see it easily becoming 10x more fun, since the base concept has proven to be really enjoyable.

I was actually thinking about making a sequel to this game with more improved features and other stuff. i'm not very sure if i'm going to make it now though since i have more important projects to work on.

That'd be real sweet. There's definitely a high interest for this type of game. What else you cookin?

I think so too. right now, i'm considering giving myself more time to plan bigger projects and working on smaller ones while i still have time for them, so i might do it. also, i'm working on an "Intense" top down shooter game with some "Unusual" mechanics.

Would it be something like Ubermosh?

Not exactly. it's kinda like a cyberpunk Hotline Miami.

ooo even better, actually been experimenting with a cyberpunk banger type track recently that I can show a rough wip of.

Interesting, pretty sure it sounds just as nice as your other works.